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We will provide training for your staff on how to use our machines, in order to maximize your productivity.

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Help Desk

An expert staff is always ready to answer your questions and guide you in the best way on how to use our products.

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After-sales service

We are always ready to assist you with our products, with a team of technicians who can solve any problem.

Now let's get serious.

You have chosen our machines and solutions to improve productivity in your company. You made the right choice!
To guarantee you the maximum efficiency and productivity, we want to be present even after the purchase. With all our professionalism.

Do you want to train your staff on how to use the new machine?
We can come to your company after delivery: our staff will teach operators how to fully exploit all the functions of the forklift based on your procedures and working methods. You will gain in safety and efficiency.

Are you not sure if you can use the machine in certain circumstances? Are you afraid of damaging it by making a specific maneuver? Avoid dangerous or harmful tests, contact our staff first who will give you exhaustive answers shortly.

Does the machine need maintenance at your company? Our in-house or authorized technicians are well equipped and trained, they will know exactly how to intervene and will use only original spare parts.

Keep the forklifts efficient and you will be able to use them to the maximum for years to come. Be wary of unauthorized generic technicians who do not even have basic training in your field.

Are you very demanding? The machine you purchased from us is starting to be several years old and you want to give it a good overhaul? Give us the machine, our technicians will do the repair to perfection. The machine will be practically as good as new.

Are you changing the production cycle and need to further improve some movements?
Contact our staff, let's study a new solution together!

Are you ready to work today?

We are able to optimize your processes in the best possible way in order to achieve the maximum result.


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